You Need Money for What?

Photo of a Collection Plate

I recently came across two interesting solicitation support letters from a couple of relatively prominent pastors.  Thanks to the folks over at Church Folk Revolution www. for sharing these stories. The first involves Dr. Mark Barclay, is a televangelist who is often affiliated with Kenneth Copeland. He is not a pastor of a church, but is the leader of a network of pastors and ministers throughout the country and the world. In his most recent support letter, he asks his partners to pledge funds to repaint his jet. No I’m not kidding. Here is the link to the leaked support letter:–79k-for-new-paint-job-on-Jet.html

Matthew 6:19-21

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

In the letter Dr. Barclay states that if the jet is not completely repainted, it will lead to corrosion (thus the rust and moth corrupt reference in Matthew) and could further lead to the plane being grounded and at worse, the ministry and the people benefitting from the ministry in deeper need or possibly missing out on God’s blessing (that last part is completely inferred and not directly implied). This solicitation comes with the recognition that the plane Actually belongs to God and not Barclay therefore by assisting him in the maintenance; you are assisting God in up keeping God’s jet plane. While the cost is only $79,000 USD it would be going to a very worthy cause because ministries such as his needs a fully functioning and well painted jet to be effective in the kingdom of heaven. Well to some idiot, that may be true, but to people like me, I simply say save the money and fly first class. It’s the same luxury. Or sell the plane and occasionally charter a jet for less. That’s my simple suggestion but alas what do I know?

The other prominent pastor is Dr. I.V. Hilliard, pastor of New Light Church in Houston, TX and the spiritual mentor for hundreds of pastors around the country and the world. I personally have long admired Dr. Hilliard’s teaching style and delivery. I’ve even purchased a few of his teaching series and have heard him live on several occasions. While I don’t agree with his version of prosperity, thousands gather weekly on six campuses in three cities and online to hear him. He recently sent out a support letter for assistance in maintenance on his ministry helicopter.

Here is the link to the letter and news report video:–52-Tranportation-Seed-For-New-Helicopter-Blades.html

The troubling part isn’t the solicitation for assistance. The troubling part is the beginning of the letter itself. The letter begins by asking if the receiver needed better transportation, car repair or replacement, or desires to purchase a luxury vehicle. From the initial reading, it would imply that the individual reading this letter would be receiving some sort of assistance in those needs, but that comes at a cost. A $52 cost to be exact. By assisting the ministry’s aviation department in replacing the blades on the ministry’s helicopter, the readers would be eligible for supernatural favor for their transportation needs (and apparently wants).

While the bishop issued a letter of apology to the general public and members, it still raises the question of ministry waste and stewardship. Why should supporters and members bear such an expense? How necessary are some excesses by both large and small ministries. Coming from the perspective of a mainline denominational pastor, there has to be a line drawn on the leadership and the members regarding the stewardship of the pastor and staff. I have been at churches where it was almost sacrilegious to ask for funds to travel to annual conferences or other church related meetings! If the letter hadn’t gotten leaked, it would be safe to assume that he would’ve have gotten financial support for this nonsense. I could write more about this, but it wouldn’t amount to much. As pastors, clergy, and church folk, we’ve just got to do better.