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Jonah and the realization of reluctant ministry

Reluctance in ministry does not take away the need for ministry.

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Indiana as the crossroads of faith, tolerance, and community

The recent religious freedom restoration bill passed by the Indiana State legislature has created the latest uproar in a growing news cycle reporting on the infringement of rights for the LGBTQ community. Indiana’s SB 101 was created to protect the

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Beyond Religion: Alternative Paths to the Sacred

Beyond Religion: Alternative Paths to the Sacred During a course in my doctoral program, I had to develop a personal program for spiritual development that incorporated non-traditional means. Drawing from the book by renowned psychologist and professor Dr. David N

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O to Grace How Great A Debtor Daily I’m Constrained to Be

A year ago, I was heading to AME General Conference in Nashville, TN when this happened. I blacked out from low blood sugar, swerved into the outer lane and barely missed hitting another vehicle before going off the road into

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You Need Money for What?

I recently came across two interesting solicitation support letters from a couple of relatively prominent pastors.  Thanks to the folks over at Church Folk Revolution www. for sharing these stories. The first involves Dr. Mark Barclay, is a televangelist

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The Saga of Jason Collins

This week Jason Collins is being celebrated as heroic, courageous, brave, and all the like simply because he has come out of the closet as a gay man. While this may be worth celebrating for some, it has raised concerns

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An Affirmation

Rise to the Light of the Sun Flow with gentleness of the wind Make each step meaningful for you and others Be at peace at the days end with the knowledge that all that could be done has been done

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