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Jonah and the realization of reluctant ministry

Reluctance in ministry does not take away the need for ministry.

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Spiritual Abuse cloaked as Pastoral Love

Recently, Dr. Jim Standridge, Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church of Skiatook, OK preached a sermon that is going viral on the web. In the sermon, Dr. Standridge publically chastises two male members of his congregation: one for falling asleep while

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The Risk of Discovering Your Purpose

When a man thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. Galatians 6:3 Being religious means asking passionately the question of the meaning of our existence and being willing to receive answers, even if the answers hurt.

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Discovering the Courage to Be: Your Authentic Self

Self discovery is centered in the courage to being authentic to one’s self. The greatest obstacle is the encountering of the emotional self. This includes the emotions of anger, pain, sorrow, grief, fear, and despair. There may be others that

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Seminary/Grad School of the Week

Biola University/Talbot School of Theology 13800 Biola Ave.La Mirada, CA9063 1-562-903-6000 Dr. Dennis R Dirks, Dean Mission The Mission of Talbot School of Theology is the development of disciples of Jesus Christ whose thought processes, character and lifestyles reflect

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Rediscover the art of rhetorical criticism

              Throughout the day, we encounter signs, symbols, and sounds that engage us and cause us take actions and communicate our thoughts and opinions on certain matters. Each time we participate in this process,

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I came across this article in the Christian Recorder Online Magazine and decided to share it here. Blessings YPD CORNER: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS EVERYBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY: *Miacia F. Porter Something about this year pushed and urged me to change my career

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