Louisiana Last in Peace Rankings

Recently, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) released a study that showed Maine as being the most peaceful state in the US and Louisiana as being the least peaceful state in the US.  The group based their research study on data compiled from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the FBI and the Centers for… Read More


HBO’s The Sunset Limited-Hollywood’s Attempt at Exploring Faith and Existence

I was up late one night flipping through the channels and came across a movie that had two of my favorite actors-Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones, sitting at a table discussing deep philosophical and theological issues. The name of the movie is The Sunset Limited. Adapted from the stage play by Pulitzer Prize… Read More

What I Learned From Will Smith in Hitch

Everyone has their favorite movie and actor. For me, younger actors don’t get any better than Will Smith. I’ve been a fan of Smith since he was The Fresh Prince rapping “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” It’s been wonderful watching him transition from funny rapper to highly demanded Hollywood leading man. Although I love and deeply… Read More

Public, Private, Charter or Home? What schools are best for Black Children?

Last year, Michelle Ree, Chancellor of Washington D.C. Public School system fired over 200 employees for poor performance evaluations. She has also put hundreds of other teachers on notice that they are also in jeopardy of losing their jobs if their performances do not improve within the next school year. USA Today reported that “Washington… Read More