A Poem for the New Year

Another year is dawning and we’re so grateful to be here

Though many loved ones have left us God has caused us to persevere

Through dangers seen and unseen, we’ve traveled through the days

We’ve fought hard life’s battles empowered by God’s grace

We’ll see another year of mercies, of service, God’s faithfulness and praise

We’ll rise in mind and soul and strength to help each other be present

And believe that change is possible as another year dawns for us

We’ll quench the fiery darts of Satan’s bow and quell the roar of our loudest foe

We’ll strive for excellence and achieve the heights no one thought to believe

Another decade is dawning, as swift as time transitions

We dare to accept the challenges knowing not what lies ahead

We’ll walk by faith and not by sight assured that God will keep us right

With liberating freedom filling our soul and

the light of God’s knowledge in our sight

We’ll press unselfishly ahead above the noise of human’s selfish strife

A new decade is upon us. New opportunities to do greater things

Serving our present age with haste our mission to fulfil

With grateful hearts in this new year and decade, we’ll do our master’s will

Published by

Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

Advocate, Author, Coach, Counselor, Educator, and Servant of God

One thought on “A Poem for the New Year

  1. An on “time” poem…..thank you for sharing one of the “gifts” God has bestowed upon you. You are doing excellent with the stewardship of this gift. Blessings from Holly Grove AMEC, NLR, AR. – 12th District.

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