The Empty Chair: A Tribute to my grandmother Doris Elmore Jackson By Dr. Lorenzo Neal

Shortly after the year began, my beloved grandmother Doris passed away at 81 years of age. After the death of my mother to an act of domestic violence that involved a gun, she an my grandfather took my brothers Kevin, Emanuel, Joshua and I into their home and raised us as their own children. That was an act of courage and love that continues to resonate with us to this day. Below is my tribute poem to her.

I walked through the door and there I saw the empty chair where love sat
The chair where love greeted every visitor Where no one was a stranger for very long
The chair where love watched her games and soaps
The chair where love gave everyone hope
The chair sits empty but love still remains
Love still is greeting all who come
Making everyone feel safe at home
What one sees as an empty chair
Still holds the soul of Love who once sat there

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Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

Advocate, Author, Coach, Counselor, Educator, and Servant of God

8 thoughts on “The Empty Chair: A Tribute to my grandmother Doris Elmore Jackson By Dr. Lorenzo Neal

  1. Beautiful tribute to an unselfish, noncomplaining and show of love to the “mother dear” shortened to madear/ mom/grandmom. Lorenzo just know that she still feels your /our love. though the chair is empty hearts are still filled of memories. Thank you and congrats on this

  2. B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L
    it is okay miss someone you have had such a strong connection to…

  3. Such a beautiful tribute! The love your grandmother had and spread to all whom she encountered continues to live in you and your brothers. Remember that God is Love and God allowed you and your brothers to experience that love! Even in death God’s love resonates! Be blessed!

  4. See all day i have been good…holding back my owns tears but this has brought back those feelings. I love this! I love you bestie!

  5. Amazing tribute to an amazing woman!! I loved every bit of it. No one could have done a better job. Keep being the greatest servant she taught you to be!! Go PeeWee🙌🏽🙌🏽💪🏾🙏🏽❤️

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