New Pew Research Center study on the religious tendency of black men released

A newly published Pew Research Center study suggests that black men are less religious than black women but more religious than white men and women. Of course for many in black communities, this is no surprise. Black men overwhelming serve in leadeship roles in black faith communities while black women overwhelmingly contribute to much of the ministry and mission work of those faith communities. In the church I pastor, men are outnumbered by women 5:1 (rough estimate) yet they are the larger fiscal contributors and still serve in key personnel roles. This is changing as more women are being placed in key leadership roles to more properly represent their demographic in the church community.
The article further states that while men are less religious, they are still value religion as being an important part of their lives and hold a deep “belief in God as an absolute certainty”. I would argue that while this is positive, it still has a negative affect on church attendance and ministry engagement and involvement for many black churches. The broad perception is that men only attend church as necessary (i.e. special services for family, weddings, funerals, etc..) and that their financial contributions serve as sufficient praxis and penance for their non-attendance. While men have historically been the primary leadership of black churches, as the pastoral and denominational leadership of many predominately black churches shifts to women holding those roles, the need for men to return to the black church could likely become a louder cry in response. To read the study article click the link below.

Black men are less religious than black women, but more religious than white women and men

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Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

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