I Wish the Rain Would Linger

Sometimes I wish the rain would linger

And cause my despairing thoughts to flee
I wish the rain’s monotonous music

Would change my sadness into glee

I wish the rain would not go away

And wash the pain of my soul’s despair away

I wish the puddles of water to be deep

So that in them I could jump and play

For in the rain I find sunshine and not only clouds

I find a hope that change does come if only for a while

In the rain I see God’s plan of love and cheer

I see His handiwork appear upon the horizon of my soul

Encouraging me to bask in the rain as each drop cleans and restores.

I then stop and begin to bask

In the reality of all I see

I then stop wishing for the rain to linger

And see just as it, the pain of my soul will also pass

Copyright June 11, 2018 Lorenzo T. Neal All Rights Reserved

Published by

Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

Advocate, Author, Coach, Counselor, Educator, and Servant of God