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Baltimore and the Ancient Failure

Originally posted on The Modern Monastic Order Of Saint Simon of Cyrene:
I have always enjoyed visiting family in Baltimore.  I remember taking a solo road trip up there.  I visited the Frederick Douglass Maritime Museum, checked out a few…

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Do Black Intellectuals Matter to the Master?

Recently, the New Republic magazine published an essay that created frenzy within the black public intellectual community. The Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson published a 10,000-word essay lambasting his former friend and mentor, Dr. Cornel West. Dr. Dyson lamented Dr.

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Burger King Founder Says Higher Wages Could Kill Off ‘Dollar Menus’

Originally posted on TIME:
Burger King co-founder David Edgerton says fast food workers pushing for higher wages could spell the end of the “dollar menu,” and usher in an era of higher-quality, more expensive convenience restaurants. Edgerton, 87, spoke to…

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Originally posted on The Modern Monastic Order Of Saint Simon of Cyrene:
“How long will you go limping with two different opinions?  If the Lord is God, follow him.  But if Ba’al, then follow him.”                                                   3 Kingdoms (1 Kings) 18:21…

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From MSNewsNow : Community leaders react to Instagram video of gun-wielding teens

As a pastor in this city, I among with other pastors and community leaders work tirelessly to empower our community against violence of any kind. Seeing this video only works against all that we do. The challenge is the same

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