Another Year is Dawning

Another year is dawning, Dear Father let it be, in working or in waiting, another year with Thee: Another year of progress another year of praise another year of proving Thy presence all the days. Another year of service, of witness for thy love; another year of training, for holier work above. Another year is dawning, dear Father let it be, on earth, or else in heaven, another year with Thee. Frances R. Havergal

As 2014 comes to an end, there will be scores of parties, reflections, and of course resolutions. Many will focus on becoming their ideal self in 2015. For this writer, 2015 will be a major coming of age event. In 2015 I turn the big 40. It will officially begin my mid-life crisis era. I will have that eternal excuse for any bad impulsive decision I make after I turn 40. Yes, it may be just the year my true life of excitement begins and that of dullness ends.

Like many at the close of a year, I’ve reflected on the achievements I have had. I’ve help plant a church in Pakistan, met some phenomenal people, got elected to a position in my denomination’s connectional young adult ministry, and experienced a number of other accomplishments. I did experience some disappointments and circumstances that I wish could have been avoided or prevented but I have come out of them on the side of victory and gratefulness. 2014 was has been the year that I’ve had to learn that some relationships just have to come to an end. I’ve also learned the value of being disciplined in body and spirit even when I was resisting doing so.

One thing that I will not take into 2015 is an attitude of defeat. I will enter the next year with an ambitious attempt to gird my loins with the knowledge and strength of the ancestors and forge a path towards greater liberation. I will engage the fear, doubt, and anything else that may come my way in 2015. I’ve had plenty of time during 2014 to question my ministry and purpose and still have a bit of sanity left. That was the greatest challenge for me in 2014.

I have resolved that in 2015 I will be diligent and disciplined in the stewardship of my time, talents, and gifts. I will be diligent and disciplined in my self-care and care of others. I will preach the sermons that are empowering and liberating. I will write the articles, books, essays, and music that are in my heart to write. I will have positive expectations, expect good and receive it. I will be happy, safe, secure, prosperous, protected, and healthy. I will be proactive to not be in despair after disappointments, and take care to be a better guardian of my heart from which flows the issues of my life.

For this writer, another year year is dawning and it will be one like no other.

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Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

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