What are we Marching For?

A wonderful article that should help us be more constructive and proactive in our efforts to bring about justice for all black lives.

Bomani D. Armah

What are we marching for?

mlk-1965-selma-montgomery-march MLK leading a march in selma

When I ask this question I am not being satirical. I’m not being an asshole trying to demean the efforts of thousands walking down the street with a backhanded question. I really want to know. I have the utmost respect for people who put their time, energy and body on the front line of non-violent protest.

My fear is that due to the one-dimensional way that the civil rights movement is taught, most of the people activated to do something about obvious injustice don’t know the art and science of the marches they admire in grainy black and white videos of Dr. King. They don’t know that the major aim of Dr. King’s marches was to embarrass the federal government (which was working relentlessly to claim it was more progressive than communist countries) into taking action. On top of…

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