From ‘The Cosby Show’ Glory Days To Ferguson: Where’s The Promised Progress?

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Ferguson Justin Heiman, Getty Images

The promise of equality and systemic racial subjugation.  To protect and serve and be part of a narrative that shows the exact opposite of an unsettling, painful past. The Cliff Huxtable and Bill Cosby dream. The promises made to Black America and the existing realities haven’t been quite right for centuries. November 2014 has been a cold reminder of that.

As many have cynically expected, Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted by a Grand Jury for killing unarmed teen Michael Brown. Last night, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch got on stage and attempted to sympathize with Brown’s grieving family, hold social media at fault and exonerate the Ferguson police department of its sin. A number of adjectives can describe McCulloch’s address. None of them are good: Tone-deaf, bizarre, buffoonish, patronizing. (President Barack Obama’s subsequent address didn’t help much either.)

McCulloch’s speech attempted to wrap…

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