Telling the Tragic Truth of the Church of God in Christ, A Post-Mortem

This is a powerful annotation to the folly of the post COGIC Convocation viral video show. What will churches do in the wake of greater threats of civil unrest?

The Uppity Negro


In the weeks leading up to the 107th Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, I wrote an open letter to Bishop Charles E. Blake and to the General Board imploring them to make a visible and vocal statement concerning the situation demanding justice for Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri–only 12 miles from the site of their yearly convention in downtown St. Louis.  My list of demands were as follows:

  1. The policing tactics of Ferguson Police Department be immediately reviewed and the police chief be immediately removed from office.
  2. The city of St. Louis shall pass an ordinance that all St. Louis police officers must wear cameras to record their actions and the actions of citizens.
  3. Missouri state legislature and Gov. Jay Nixon sign into law that the burden of proof is lowered severely for a grand jury indictment of a police officer who shoots an unarmed citizen


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