Lost and Still Lost

Very insightful words from a bright young lady


As I was scrolling down my Instagram feed I saw a quote that said the following

“There’s no such thing as totally “found”…the fun, I think is in the searching.”

As a child I always thought grownups had it all together. It seemed as if life was a package, all neatly formed with a ribbon on top. So I just knew that there would be a point in my life where everything would be in order, perfect. I thought my life would be “found”. However as time progresses I’m recognizing life has no golden prize at the end of the race, no “well done, you did it kiddo” certificate once you have figured it all out.

In trying to “find” my life, my perfect journey, things got more complicated. I began to compare my goals and lack of perceived accomplishments to others, my vision of success became muddied, and my…

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