Jesus and the Quest for Meaning

Jesus and the Quest for Meaning

Did Jesus ever ponder or search for the meaning of life himself and then once he attained it shared it with others? Do you struggle with meaning in your life. For many Christian believers a quest for meaning is nothing more than waiting for heaven to come down on earth leading to eternal life. While that may be overgeneralized for some, it is the case for many others. We usually hear of quests in ancient fables and myths, but every individual should be on a quest for meaning beyond their regular religious experiences and existence. From a Christian existentialist perspective, meaning is individualized and subjective. In reading the New Testament gospel narratives, Jesus portrays an existential perspective on meaning during his temptation, his commissioning of the disciples, his dialogue with Nicodemus, and during his crucifixion. Each of these occurrences, Jesus placed a challenge on himself and his disciples to go beyond what they were used to and experience authentic meaning. Even the writers of the gospels shared in linguistic meaning as they attempted to retell their experiences with Christ before and after his resurrection. Jesus expected this and during his final prayer in John 17 prayed for those who would believe because of his disciples word. Every person should be on a daily quest for meaning. It is no guarantee that discovering meaning will bring a greater sense of happiness or accomplishment, but it would satisfy the individual’s need for self-fulfillment and pleasure.

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Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

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