Father Shaheed Of Poor Righteous Teachers Dead At 45

The Urban Daily

Father Shaheed

According to “The Boombox“, the hip-hop family has lost another one of its pioneers. Father Shaheed, the DJ for the Trenton, NJ rap group Poor Righteous Teachers, passed away after sustaining injuries from a motorcycle accident over the weekend. He was 45-years-old.

Wise Intelligent released a statement saying,

“POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS would like to thank everyone from around the way,
country. and world for their condolences, thoughts, prayers and well wishes
concerning the passing of our dearest brother, friend, companion, comrade and
fellow teacher – FATHER SHAHEED. This hurts beyond the head, heart and stomach. This pain cuts deep into the souls of who we are. We were more than just a “rap group” and Shaheed was more than just a member and brilliant DJ/producer. He was a great human being, a loyal friend, a great father, a great brother, a damn
good son, and a…

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