Posthumous Album Stirs Old Drama For Michael Jackson

The Urban Daily

michael-jackson-xscape-cover As much as we hope and pray that Michael Jackson gets a chance to rest in peace, that most likely will never happen. A few days after the release date for Michael Jackson’s album “Xscape” was announced (May 13th), reports come out saying the project will feature a song about child molestation.


As the story goes, sources close to the project are alleging there is a new song on the album called “Do You Know Where Your Children Are?” The song is said to be about a young girl who is about 12-yeaers-old being sexually abused by her step father. If the song makes the album, it wouldn’t be the first time Michael Jackson has made a song about the assault of a young child. He previously sang about that on the song “Little Susie” from “HIStory: Past, Present & Future.”


On the other hand, it doesn’t matter…

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