Pastor pleads guilty to sexual battery; church shut down permanently

This is certainly a very sad incident. Pastors are not immune to being corrupt, lustful, or outright devious. The scriptures encourage us to avoid lasciviousness or unbridled sexual lusts and sensuality. We must not only pray for such predators in our churches but have the courage to report them to local authorities (with just cause of course and not out of spite or revenge) so that there will no longer be victims but victors. There are a number of things that church members and church elders and presbyters can do to be proactive and preventative. One is to ensure through regular psychological evaluations the well being of the minister. The second is to ensure ministers/clergy have well placed and maintained boundaries that are in place so that none of them are crossed. The third is to follow through with accountability protocol that may be in place for clergy and members.

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Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

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