Leading Men: Jamie Foxx Carries The Torch For Social Activism

The Urban Daily

In 1987, Singer/songwriter Kashif had a big hit with the song “Love Changes.”Actor turned singer Jamie Foxx covered the song in 2005 and it couldn’t be a better song to describe his transformation in the public spotlight. Born in Terrell, Texas, Jamie was a goofy athlete with a mean jheri curl. Despite being a big fish in his small town, he knew he had to leave Terrell to find happiness in his professional life. However, not only did Jamie’s move from Texas to Hollywood set him on a wonderful trajectory towards stardom, it also put Jamie on a path of personal discovery.


When Jamie Foxx first hit the scene on the hit sketch comedy show “In Living Color,” he was known for being that guy who played the ugly girlfriend named Wanda. During that time, Jamie has said he was selfish and only cared about himself and was void…

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