Reblogged: The Face of Poverty

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Reblogged from: ttp:// The Face of Poverty Picture yourself a single or divorced mother. You are more likely to be white than black. You and your children live in rural poverty, on an army base, or in what is now politely known as the “inner city”. You work outside the home, in…

A Note of Thanks

For many, Thanksgiving is the one time of the year for reflections of gratitude, service to humanity, and of course time for family. While these things are noble, these things fail to convert to a life of gratitude. I have made it my intent to live a daily life of gratitude and praise. I’ve witnessed […]

The Most Ignored and Undervalued People Within Churches Today

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Reblogged from For years the church rejected the entire field of mental health and continuously fought against scientifically and medically proven techniques that implemented counseling, medications, and other helpful therapies. The church attempted to “pray away” problems and encouraged ill-prepared pastors to take on roles they weren’t qualified…