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Black L.A. Judge Files Excessive Force Complaint Against Police

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Reblogged: The Face of Poverty

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Blind Man Receives Award For Saving Woman From Apartment Fire

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Leading Men: Jamie Foxx Carries The Torch For Social Activism

Originally posted on The Urban Daily:
In 1987, Singer/songwriter Kashif had a big hit with the song “Love Changes.”Actor turned singer Jamie Foxx covered the song in 2005 and it couldn’t be a better song to describe his transformation in…

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A Note of Thanks

For many, Thanksgiving is the one time of the year for reflections of gratitude, service to humanity, and of course time for family. While these things are noble, these things fail to convert to a life of gratitude. I have

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The Most Ignored and Undervalued People Within Churches Today

Originally posted on North Presbyterian Church:
Reblogged from For years the church rejected the entire field of mental health and continuously fought against scientifically and medically proven techniques that implemented counseling, medications, and other helpful therapies. The church attempted…

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Va. Senator Stabbed; Son Dies Of Apparent Suicide

So sad. This is another incident of the need to seriously address mental illness and health in our country. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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