Did An Impersonator Perform Instead Of R. Kelly At Recent R. Kelly Show?

Many people in my hometown of Monroe, LA were very upset after this event. What’s worse is that everyone who paid will not be receiving a refund. It was billed as a birthday party CD release party featuring R Kelly and most assumed the famed singer would perform singles from his new album. From all reports, the individual neither looked nor sounded like Kelly.

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In a huge “wait…WHAT?” moment, according to AllHipHop.com, a concert promoter and an entire room full of people In Monroe, Louisiana were tricked when an R. Kelly impersonator showed up to an R. Kelly billed event and performed as R. Kelly!

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So people purchased tickets for a show and instead of the real Robert Kelly showing up and sanging his face off… an impostor showed up and performed instead. But what’s worse is…the imposter didn’t even sing…he lip synced! And nobody managed to ask what in the name of Brittany Jean Spears was going on?  Wow!

Check out the story in the video below!

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What is this some kind of remake of Scooby Doo? How in the world does that happen and nobody have a clue? So are the people who went to…

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