Unpaid Intern Sues Diddy For Making Her Do Intern Work

It would be safe to assume that although this young lady did not read up on her employer’s background as an intern during the early days of his career. Young people should learn nothing comes easy and grinding is the key to getting ahead even if its mundane grinding.

The Urban Daily


I fear for the generation coming up after me. An unpaid intern is suing Diddy for making her go get coffee and do other duties most interns have to do.

A young woman named Rashida Salaam is suing Diddy’s company because she couldn’t believe the type of work she had to do as an intern for Bad Boy Entertainment. Salaam took the internship in January of 2012 and was horrified when she was forced to do intern duties like :

— answering telephones
— getting lunch and coffee for paid employees
— making deliveries
— gift-wrapping presents
— decorating the office during holidays

Rashida Salaam considered these things to be very torturous. Although she does have a grounds to sue due to the recent changes in the law concerning internships, Salaam is making it very difficult to ever find a job in the entertainment field.

Every entertainment related company…

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