Cissy Houston Tries Reconnect With Bobbi Kristina In Open Letter

The Urban Daily


Things have been very strained between Cissy Houston and her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. As it’s to be expected, tensions between the pair intensified when Whitney Houston died. Since then, Cissy Houston has been critical of Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with brother/boyfriend/fiancee/husband Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina has blasted her grandmother for writing a book about Whitney Houston so soon after her February 2012 death.

It seems as though Cissy Houston is ready to extend an olive branch in her granddaughter’s direction. Cissy Houston recently wrote an open letter to Bobbi Kristina and then sent the letter to the press. In the letter she tells Bobbi Kristina that they are basically in the same boat when it comes to still being in the grieving process over Whitney Houston’s death. She also asks if she and Bobbi Kristina can come to some sort of understanding and begin to mend…

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