OMG! Married Nigerian Pastor BUSTED Having Sex With The Choir Director In The Church Both Of Them Kicked Out Into The Street NAKED–Take A Look Now!!!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God and Obnoxious Ratchet Behavior make a serious combination with this post…..A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee has brought this to our attention. It seems that over in Nigeria a pastor and chior director was caught in the very act sin. The two of them were burning in their lust for each other they were busted having sex right in the church. The details are below:
Oh no! This is too difficult to believe. First class adultery. Simply unbelievable! A married pastor (names withheld) and the choir mistress of the church he’s pastoring were caught LIVE having sex inside the church in broad daylight.
Those who caught the shameless duo were said to have recovered more than 24 sachet of condom under the carpet beside the church alter. WHAT!! Of a truth, is it people like this that gives Christians bad…

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