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Dr. Felicia Clark on Zera Today

My show guest today is Dr. Felicia Clark, author, life coach, and plus size model. She’ll be discussing how women can attract the right man as well as how they can fight body terrorism and be happy with their whole

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Activists Cornel West And Carl Dix Hold Mass Incarceration Dialogue In N.Y.C.

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The Hip-Hop closet and the shaming of Mister Cee

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Kris Kross Child Rap Star Dies From Drug Overdose

I admired these kids when I was in high school. It is certainly a tragedy that he ended up like so many child stars. I pray for him and his family and others who may be suffering silently from the

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The Saga of Jason Collins

This week Jason Collins is being celebrated as heroic, courageous, brave, and all the like simply because he has come out of the closet as a gay man. While this may be worth celebrating for some, it has raised concerns

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