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22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness (Greg Anderson) The Universal Laws: 1)  The law of  Espirit: Living life with joy-each day. 2)  The law of personal accountability: If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.  Robert H. Schuller 3)  The law of unity: The part can never be well unless the…

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The communications industry is mourning the loss of Hal Jackson, 96, who succumbed to illness this afternoon. WBLS announced the news of his death on their website but posted limited information about his passing. We will keep you updated as more information surfaces. “As a radio pioneer, Jackson has…

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Stevie Bates Via the New York Daily News New Yorker Stevie Bates, 19, who had been traveling cross country with Occupy Wall Street friends to an Occupy event, stopped at a layover in Pittsburgh on April 27th on the way home to New York. She hasn’t been seen since. Bates…

Visual Prayers as a Spiritual Exercise

Visual Prayers as a Spiritual Exercise

As discussed on the show earlier, one of our goals is to help increase an awareness of the need for a more centered and connected spirituality. One facet of prayer is that it can be visual as well as verbal. There is within every individual the capacity to create change within themselves and their environment. While visual prayer may seem akward at first, it is a way of combining the soul with the body and so that the prayer becomes more than mere words but a full spiritual exercise. Read the article provided by the link and allow yourself to experience a new spiritual exercise that will be empowering and fulfilling. Here’s a link to the show  in case you missed it. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zeratoday/2012/05/09/paths-to-the-sacred

The POTUS and Cabinet members silent on same sex marriage

The POTUS and Cabinet members silent on same sex marriage

Since VP Joe Biden and Ed Secretary Arne Duncan publically expressed their support on same sex marriage earlier, President Obama and other Cabinet members have remained deafeningly silent. President Obama is in a delicate area regarding publically endorsing same sex marriages. If he does so, he runs the risk of alienating members of his party and supporters who are opposed to the social issue. This comes on the heels of North Carolina’s overwhelming passing of Amendment 1 which in essence bans same sex marriages in the state.