How High Can You Jump?

Brigham Young University’s star basketball player and finalist for the Oscar Robertson Trophy for NCAA Player of the Year, Jmmer Fredette is featured on the most recent cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. Fredette has led the team to the NCAA’s Sweet 16 in what is fast becoming college basketball’s most cherished Cinderella Story of the 21st century. It’s certain that Fredette has both the talent and the desire to see his team all the way to the Final Four, and if he and the team continues their dramatic season, it is no doubt that they just may make it all the way.

This cover photo amazes me for two reasons. The first is that Fredette clearly puts to rest the myth that “white men can’t jump!” This guy’s vertical leap is simply jaw-dropping and in the process puts black guys like me with little to no ballin skills to shame.

The second reason is a little more subtle than the first. From the offset, we see him taking a gravity defying jump shot while an opposing team member simply stares as if in disbelief. What I see is a man overcoming a major obstacle to claim a victory.  This is even more pertinent since another BYU basketball star, Brandon Davies, was suspended several weeks ago for admitting to violating the school’s Honor and Moral code by having premarital sex with his student athlete girlfriend. It shows that Fredette and others are more willing to be committed to their game and their code to become champions on and off the basketball court.

This picture makes me ask the question-“How high is my jump over sin and the world?” If I were to answer that now, it would be nothing more than a little hop and if you were to be honest with yourself, I’m sure your answer would be similar. We are called to not conform to the world and that takes more than walking sometimes. There are times when we must leap higher than our adversaries’s assault on us. If we take the vertical leap through the Spirit’s power, we will surely leave the adversary staring up with a dumbfounded look of disbelief on his face. It is surely a jump worth taking because it could be the very jump that thrusts us from defeated to victorious!


Published by

Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

Advocate, Author, Coach, Counselor, Educator, and Servant of God