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For those of you interested in continuing your education in a graduate school, I’m going to begin posting a seminary or graduate program every week for you to review. I believe every person should continue their education as far as possible and I hope this will help many to pursue and complete their dreams of obtaining a graduate or post graduate degree. Blssings.

Payne Theological Seminary    Wilberforce, OH

Dr. Leah Fitchue, President


Online Master of Divinity available

Payne Theological Seminary is one of the oldest Black seminaries primarily concerned with the training of men and women for the ministry. The mission of Payne has always been: to prepare men and women of faith to be spiritual leaders, intellectual leaders, and agents of constructive social change in the church and world. Its origin can be traced to the Ohio Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which met in Columbus, Ohio, October 18, 1844. There a committee was appointed and empowered to select a site and erect a Seminary and Manual Training School. going to begin with Payne Theological Seminary, Wilberforce, Ohio.

The objective of the proposed school, to be known as Union Semi­nary, was the “education of young men who propose to enter the Christian ministry.” Union Seminary, located near what is now West Jeffer­son, Ohio, was closed in 1858.In 1856 the Cincinnati Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church North organized and established Wilberforce University, located at Tawawa Springs near Xenia, Ohio. In 1863 the African Methodist Episcopal Church purchased Wilberforce University. Following this transaction, the assets of the former Union Seminary were transferred to Wilberforce University. A major emphasis at Wilberforce was the training and preparation of men for the ministry of the Church. A special theological department was organized for this purpose in 1866.

The Board of Trustees of Wilberforce University began con­sideration of a plan to establish a separate theological school in 1870. In 1871, this Board voted and approved the organization of a seminary to be named after Bishop Daniel A. Payne, who had interested the African Methodist Episcopal Church in a program of higher education.

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