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Rediscover the art of rhetorical criticism

              Throughout the day, we encounter signs, symbols, and sounds that engage us and cause us take actions and communicate our thoughts and opinions on certain matters. Each time we participate in this process,

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I came across this article in the Christian Recorder Online Magazine and decided to share it here. Blessings YPD CORNER: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS EVERYBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY: *Miacia F. Porter Something about this year pushed and urged me to change my career

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Audio Post

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Alfie – Bill Evans Trio 1967

Discovered Alfie – Bill Evans Trio 1967 via gloria.bedoyFollow my videos on vodpod

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Bill Evans Trio – Emily (Helsinki 1970)

Discovered Bill Evans Trio – Emily (Helsinki 1970) via gloria.bedoyFollow my videos on vodpod

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How High Can You Jump?

Brigham Young University’s star basketball player and finalist for the Oscar Robertson Trophy for NCAA Player of the Year, Jmmer Fredette is featured on the most recent cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. Fredette has led the team to the NCAA’s

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HBO’s The Sunset Limited-Hollywood’s Attempt at Exploring Faith and Existence

I was up late one night flipping through the channels and came across a movie that had two of my favorite actors-Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones, sitting at a table discussing deep philosophical and theological issues. The name

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