Hello world!

Welcome to my blogsite. I am sitting here in the first Saturday of the New Year and wondering why in the world did I start this blog. To begin with, there are so many issues that I would love to discuss like Barak Obama and Mike Huckabee’s Iowa caucus win, Hillary Clinton’s emotional display in New Hampshire and of course there’s Brittney Spears breakdown. In the church world, theres are the various new year slogans and prophecies and conferences and anything else you can think of. I have simply decided to use this moment to be a bit transparent concerning myself on this entry.

I’m starting this year off not much different from last year. I’m still struggling with health issues, money issues, education issues, and of course, relationship issues.  I have assured myself that I would no longer use the excuse that I’m only human and will make mistakes. I have to admit that would be the easiest escape route, but the bigger thing to do would be to just be humble to God, resist my urges and temptations and allow myself to be prosperous and abundantly blessed. So whenever you read anything I post, take into consideration that I and we are ever evolving and growing in God and Grace. Peace

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Dr. Lorenzo T Neal

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