Everything Is Going Down But The Word Of God! New Birth Charlotte Is In Forrclosure

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……New Birth Charlotte Church has entered foreclosure proceedings on its property off Sam Furr Road.
Although Mecklenburg County records show that foreclosure proceedings began in November 2013 and a Notice of Sale was filed Jan. 21, 2014, there have been seven Postponements of Sale, with the latest postponed from Oct. 9 to Dec. 9.
Amy Pritchard Williams, a partner at K&L Gates law firm in Charlotte, was named as the substitute trustee.
A representative from K&L Gates said the company couldn’t discuss the reasons for the postponements.
County records show the church defaulted on its payments to Evangelical Christian Credit Union for a $10 million loan.
Foreclosure proceedings for New Birth Charlotte began five months after Bishop Terrell Murphy resigned as pastor in June 2013. Murphy left to begin a new…

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How to Get People to Treat You Right: The Science Behind Trust

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Know it or not, you often decide whether or not to trust someone based on crazy reasons. How attractive someone is, whether they’re the same gender as you are, whether someone blushes, and the state of your ever-changing mood all affect whether you trust somebody.

In some situations you trust people more just because they have a beard:

…male politicians might want to consider not shaving because the “presence of a beard on the face of candidates could boost their charisma, reliability, and above all their expertise as perceived by voters, with positive effects on voting intention.”

You make up your mind about someone in 100 milliseconds.

Yeah, read it again: 100 milliseconds. What happens when you’re given additional time? You become more convinced you’re right:

Judgments made after a 100-ms exposure correlated highly with judgments made in the absence of time constraints, suggesting that…

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Why You Need to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com.

I absolutely love my job. I almost feel like life isn’t real. That’s how much I love it. I have fun, flexibility and I’m working in the industry of my dreams.

Yet I just accepted a new job. Let me elaborate. A few weeks ago, I was invited to interview for a new position. Several days later, I was offered the job. This unleashed a world of struggle inside me because I love my current job.

I’ve been at this company for a little over a year now, and it’s been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot and grown as a person. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a mentor who has guided me and propelled me along. And I’ve had flexibility: I can, for the most part, work the schedule I set for myself. There’s something invaluable about that.


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The 8 Indispensable Elements of Real Wealth

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This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com.

What’s the purpose of life?

That’s a powerful question that deserves your attention. My answer has drastically changed the past five to 10 years, and will continue to evolve. Success is part of life’s purpose but I know that on the other side of success is the quest for more success, more milestones, more achievements, more people to help and learn from, more money to be made. That’s great. Life becomes mundane and boring without goals and dreams to reach for but I believe there is more to life and real wealth.

Don’t get me wrong. Becoming a millionaire is a valid desire for everyone, but there is no higher success than building and maintaining a world class life with meaning and significance. Awareness precedes choice, and your choices determine the quality of your life. I’ve put some serious thought into what makes…

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Zambian President Michael Sata Dead At 77

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Michael Sata (pictured), the president of Zambia has passed away on Tuesday from an undisclosed illness, he was 77-years-old, according to CNN.

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Sata was in London at King Edward III hospital reportedly being treated for his illness. The head of state had reportedly left Zambia for medical treatment last week accompanied by his wife and family members. Whispers about Sata being “deathly ill” had been circulating ever since he dropped out of public view some months ago.  The country’s opposition groups had begun to question whether Sata was even fit to continue to lead his country of 15 million, Africa’s biggest copper producer and a land where poverty reigns supreme.

Oftentimes referred to as “Mr. King Cobra” for his sharp-tongued comments, Sata, a longtime opposition leader  became president of Zambia in 2011.  Sata was said to have had a mixed relationship with Chinese investors in…

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Africa Has First White Leader Since 1994, for Now

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A U.K.-educated economist became Africa’s first white leader in 20 years on Wednesday, the day after Zambia’s president died in London.

Guy Scott, who was previously vice president, assumed the role after President Michael Sata died Tuesday at age 77, the Telegraph reports. Scott, 70, who is popular in Zambia and helped steer the country out of a food crisis in the early 1990s, is expected serve for 90 days until a new election.

He called the promotion “a bit of a shock to the system” but added “I’m very proud to be entrusted with it.”

Before Scott, Africa’s most recent white leader was South Africa’s F.W. de Klerk, who stepped down in 1994.

[The Telegraph]

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NewsOne Minute: Sister2Sister Magazine Files for Bankruptcy

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Sister2Sister Cover September 2014

A mainstay of the black entertainment magazine scene is about to go dark. Sister2Sister, a publication that was designed for African American women and highlighted black Hollywood, has filed for bankruptcy. Jamie Foster Brown, the publisher of the 28-year-old magazine, says she wants to focus on building its online brand. “The community does not want us to go away,” she said. “We wanted to teach people through celebrities.” Read more.

Researchers Rush to Develop Ebola Vaccine

While the U.S. grapples with procedures to prevent the spread of Ebola, researchers around the world are hard at work to try to find an effective vaccine. There are several drugs being tested to halt the outbreak. “A vaccine is critical, because the truth is, we just don’t know what is going to happen,” said Jeremy Farrar, the director of the Wellcome Trust, an organization geared towards improving both human and animal health. “I’m very…

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