Kraft and Heinz Merge to Become World’s 5th-Largest Food Company

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Originally posted on TIME:

Kraft Foods Group, which makes Oscar Mayer meats and macaroni and cheese products, will merge with ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co to become the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world and the third-largest in the U.S.

The new company, the Kraft Heinz Company, will be co-headquartered in the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas and will have revenues of roughly $28 billion, the companies announced in a statement Wednesday. Eight of its combined brands will be worth more than $1 billion each, while five will be worth approximately $500 million-$1 billion each.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc and Brazilian private equity firm 3G Capital, which co-own Heinz, will invest an additional $10 billion into the merged company, of which current Heinz and Kraft shareholders will collectively own 51 percent and 49 percent, respectively. Kraft shareholders will also receive special cash dividends of $16.50 per share.

“This is my kind of transaction…

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Why Mar. 7, 1965, Was the End of an Era

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Originally posted on TIME:

Seldom had the United States seemed to be more blessed than in early 1965. The country’s economy had been expanding steadily for four years, and unemployment was about 4%. Inflation, a serious problem in the late 1940s and early 1950s, was now negligible. Meanwhile, thanks to President Johnson’s predecessor, John F. Kennedy, the nightmare of nuclear war had retreated during the previous two years. The nation was freer to take care of its own needs, and it was building many thousands of miles of interstate highways and dozens of new schools and colleges to meet the needs of the Baby Boom generation, now between 5 and 22 years old. At the same time, Johnson was determined to push Medicare through Congress, making it possible for seniors to enjoy old age without the threat of illness that might not only take away their own savings, but those of their grown children.

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Liberia Releases Its Last Ebola Patient (For Now)

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Originally posted on TIME:

Liberia released it’s last confirmed Ebola patient on Thursday.

According to the Associated Press, the patient was a 58-year old English teacher named Beatrice Yardolo who was undergoing treatment at a Chinese-run Ebola center in the capital of Monrovia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed with TIME that the country currently does not have any confirmed patients in its Ebola treatment centers. Starting Thursday, Liberia can begin its count to 42 days of no new cases—two times the typical incubation period for the virus. At that point, Liberia can be declared Ebola-free.

However, the situation is still fragile, according to the medical aid group Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Though MSF is not treating any confirmed patients in its Liberian Ebola treatment center, they still accept suspected cases. It’s quite possible that a person with suspected and later confirmed Ebola comes into their facility at any point.


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Man Can’t Sue Applebee’s for Burns He Got While Praying Over Fajitas

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Originally posted on TIME:

A New Jersey man who was burned by a plate of hot fajitas while dining at Applebee’s can’t sue the restaurant over his injuries, according to an appellate court.

Hiram Jimenez took the chain restaurant to court because he said his waitress failed to alert him that his meal was hot. After being served, the court ruling says he bowed his head to pray over the crackling plate, and some oil popped and burned his face. Jimenez says he then panicked and knocked the plate in his lap, causing more burns, none of which resulted in scars, according to court records.

He filed suit seeking damages on the grounds that he suffered “serious and permanent” injuries “solely as a result of (Applebee’s) negligence when he came in contact with a dangerous and hazardous condition, specifically, ‘a plate of hot food’.”

A trial judge dismissed the suit, finding Applebee’s had…

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Roland Martin Breaks Down What’s Next For The #BlackLivesMatter Movement [VIDEO]

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Originally posted on News One:

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In the wake of the Department of Justice’s scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department and their racially biased procedures, Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” shared his perspective on what the next steps in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement should be.

Martin told viewers of TV One’s morning news show, “We can’t simply get emotional, be upset, be mad based upon what we saw in the report from the Department of Justice.” According to Martin, we should all pay attention to what is happening in our own local police departments.

“We can put all the attention on Ferguson … but there are numerous Fergusons all across the country. So the question then becomes how are we holding our police chiefs accountable, our city managers, our mayors, our elected officials.”

The emphatic “NewsOne Now” host highlighted the fact that there is an election coming up in Ferguson…

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The Black “Gospel” Music Industry Has Flatlined [James Fortune, Domestic Violence]

The Black "Gospel" Music Industry Has Flatlined [James Fortune, Domestic Violence].

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Ohio Muslim Sues L.A. Fitness for Banning Him From Praying in the Locker Room

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Originally posted on TIME:

A Muslim man in Cincinnati filed a lawsuit against gym franchise L.A. Fitness on Monday, after managers at his local branch ordered him to stop praying in the locker room.

Mohammad Fall, 28, said three managers walked up to him while he was praying on Jan. 29 and said he would be banned from the facility if he continued to do so, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Fall’s attorney, Timothy Burke, told the Times that his client’s habit of praying after a workout “was widely known,” and “nobody had an issue with it.”

However, Chris Link, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Ohio, said that Fall might have to prove that he was specifically targeted for being a Muslim in order to win the lawsuit.

[L.A. Times]

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